Monday, August 25, 2008

Little things

Maybe I have watched too many "chick flicks" in my life. But sometimes I appreciate the little things. I am always grateful for the big things. I like having flowers on the table when I come home times. I love simple kisses and a I love you while passing in the kitchen. Why is it that men could care less? It doesn't take time out of my day to write little messages and leave them on the counter. Why is it when I leave one of these messages I get disapointed if there isn't one in return? Why does my heart drop and I feel almost embarressed that I even did that? Is it not recepicated. Does my little notes offend him? I guess in close to four years you just get comfortable with one an other. You know how each other feel. Why do we have to say it everyday, why Do I have to write it down, or leave it in a message on myspace? Why have I worn a ring for 3 1/2 years for a promise?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

John and Kate plus 8....and Bre

I am completely obsessed with the TV show John and Kate plus 8. All it is, is a reality show about a young couple who has a set of twin girls, and sextuplets. It is nothing more than the camera following this couple and their children around. It is so amazing to me.
I really don't know what I find more fascinating the fact that this large family is able to function daily, or the fact that this woman had 6 babies inside her!!
I have been watching their show a lot lately. I also happen to watch it late at night. Then I start to have dreams about having babies. As soon as I wake up I tell Dave about my great dreams. He all of sudden turns sheet white and his hands get clamy. obviously he doesn't feel the need for me to be having baby dreams.
I guess I always pictured myself as a family girl. This is how I imagine my life. (insert dream sequence music)
Dave and I would have our non-conformist jobs. He would come home, vegetarian taco dinner would be ready for him. our kids would run to him and tell him all at once how their day was. He would listen to all them, them tell them how his day was. Of cours farts, and gnomes would be involved. After dinner we would make a fort in the living room and read stories. Then Dave would do what his dad use to do with him before bed. They would have to go through secret passage ways. flying like super heros around the house. After the superboys and girls are asleep I would call my bestfriends and ask if their kids are as crazy as mine. We would set up a weekend of apple picking, and carving pumpkins. Jenny's kids would of course be prim and proper. Placing each apple perfectly in their matching bags. Nik's kids will be leading the gang around climbing to the top of the trees. Kristy's kids with their glasses and polo shirts on would be telling us all the history of apple orchards. Dave and my kids of course with their socks not matching, will be telling us how bad their stomachs hurt from all the apples their have eaten off the ground.
I am smiling as I type this. I can't freakin wait.!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I need a Zach Morris time-out

So i feel at anytime I could just say "time out" have the world freeze, and I can catch my breath. then of course I would put people in different inappropriate poses.
I have never had to remind myself to breath. Now its daily.
big plans in the future for me and Mr. David Cohn. We have a couple of business' up and running. We are both going to school starting in the next couple of month. After we are done, it's back up to NY. Ft. Lauderdale is a fine place to say you have lived. But to me, Ineed NY. I live NY. I breath NY. Everyone says, "I can't wait to get out of Cohoes.There is nothing there for me, it holds me back." I've seen outside of Cohoes. Who had the great idea to leave your comfort zone? It hasn't done anything great for me. Actually, it has shown me how much I value my family and friends back home. Also I value good drivers. Sorry for this lame blog. I just felt it looked blank. More honest opinions, and random sarcasam coming soon.

Monday, May 26, 2008

blog all about it

Hello world. A blog is something I have always intended to do. I always have to share what is on my mind. Lately there has been a lot. So please don't be shy. I love having company, and will never make you do your own dishes. I will try to update as much as I can.